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Activities and entertainment

Friendly times
and unforgettable memories

Varied activities and entertainment

Our cheerful team of activity leaders places all of its enthusiasm and good humour at your disposal. Whether festive or sports-based, we offer activities for every taste and age in one of the most convivial and warm surroundings! You are promised an unforgettable stay on our campsite!

Trips to explore the region, sports tournaments, a children’s club, lively evenings and other events enable all of our holidaymakers to spend unforgettable times. One thing is for sure, once you have experienced the highly subdued and friendly surroundings of the Village de la Guyonnière campsite, you’ll be hooked!

For the children, the kids club promises days brimming with fun and encounters! Every day except for Saturday, from 10.30 a.m., your children can take part in team games run by a cheerful team of activity leaders. Water games and treasure hunts also aim to amuse them, so that they can spend unforgettable days with us! Obviously, they cannot end their day without the inescapable mini disco…Every morning from 10 a.m., the children can even have a tractor ride. Do your little children dream of a pony trek? Rightly, Village de la Guyonnière campsite offers this kind of activity to children! Meet at the Pony Club for a pony trek. A delightful way to discover our campsite.
Kids Club,
Pony Club
and children’s
play areas
So that you can make the most of your stay with your small children, our campsite in département 85 is also equipped with several children’s play areas. Play areas where they can have complete fun with see saws and small slides. Likewise, they will be able let their imagination run wild in sandpits. In short, places adapted to them where they have plenty of space to run and climb, with complete freedom to have fun. In addition, animal parks with small pygmy goats, pigeons, a donkey, two llamas as well as dwarf rabbits are an integral part of our campsite. These are animals that children like to feed or come and stroke. This provides the opportunity to arouse your young children’s curiosity as to the various farm animals.
Entertainment and sports activities
Camping_La_Guyonnière_Vendée_activites_animations_club_enfants_exterieur Camping_La_Guyonnière_Vendée_activites_animations_club_enfants
Camping_La_Guyonnière_Vendée_activites_animations_beach_volley Camping_La_Guyonnière_Vendée_activites_animations_tennis
Camping_La_Guyonnière_Vendée_activites_animations_gym Camping_La_Guyonnière_Vendée_activites_animations_poney_club
Camping_La_Guyonnière_Vendée_activites_animations_ferme_chevres_enfants family friendly campsite france vendee
Camping_La_Guyonnière_ road cycling in the Vendée
A multitude of trips out are on offer to our holidaymakers. Running races, hiking and bicycle rides; our holidaymakers enjoy these trips out which enable them to stretch their legs and have lovely encounters within an extraordinary natural setting: the Pays des Achards group of communes and the Lac du Jaunay lake.

Adventurers and thrill seekers are not forgotten as we indeed arrange trips out for treetop adventure, surfing, karting and paintballing within the surrounding area! A way to discover the Vendée whilst having fun.
Packed with activities Packed with activities Packed with activities
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For a volleyball, Ultimate, football or handball tournament, go to the campsite’s multi sports ground! Each season, a beach volleyball court also sees families, neighbours and friends confront each other during highly-charged matches. And what would a Vendée campsite be without its unmissable area for playing boules? A large pétanque court over which good humour reigns supreme! An indoor space accommodates ping pong tables enabling everyone to have fun with their friends. Tennis players can book the tennis court for free, so as to initiate intense games watched by their relentless umpire!
If you have no bicycles to participate in our trips out, go to the hire centre! For all terrain cycle treks, the trek pass for €6.50 includes an all terrain bicycle, a flask and a helmet. Obviously, people with their own all terrain bicycle are also welcome!

- Every Monday and Thursday morning from 9 a.m.: 10 kilometres of trails around the Lac du Jaunay lake.
- Every Friday morning: all terrain treks exploring the Jaunay valley (35 kilometres)
- Every Tuesday morning: road cycling exploring the Vendée routes (55 kilometres).

All activities are free (apart from bingo/lotto, which are €0.50 per card, and organised trips)!
Unforgettable evenings AS A FAMILY OR WITH FRIENDS
Evenings in the Village de la Guyonnière campsite favour fun and entertainment. Indeed, to bring your days on the campsite to a close in the best way possible, we organise themed evenings and concerts. Likewise, we have to offer our holidaymakers the unconditional karaoke evening, as well as our talent evenings, where everyone is free to climb up on to the “open podium”. To the applause of a warm-hearted public your children, or indeed you, will be able to make the most of your moment of glory.
To complete this large range of festive evenings, we offer “music quizzes” to the most music-loving of our holidaymakers! Entirely musical evenings where the music knowledge of our holidaymakers is put to the test! You can also rely upon our dance, disco and mini disco events to give rhythm to your summer evenings in the Vendée.

And it doesn’t end there! Each summer a multitude of artists perform on our campsite. Fire eater performances, magicians and even circus shows put stars in the eyes of both young and old alike! In July and August, concerts are also scheduled every Tuesday night. A mix of emotions for unforgettable memories of your holiday on the Village de la Guyonnière campsite!
Whatever the time of the day or the type of activity in which you wish to participate, be sure that we take pride in our warm and convivial atmosphere! Our 5 star Vendée campsite has everything for perfect camping, where you can make unforgettable holiday memories. If you stay close to our activity leaders throughout the whole of your stay, you will be delighted to see them offer you a wonderful show on stage. In placing all their talent into serving your emotions, they are keen to offer you the show of the season: funny, moving and surprising all at once!
By now, you will have understood that our Vendée campsite does everything so that you can spend one of the most delightful stays. Delightful times of conviviality for sharing everything together. We are keen to share our genuine interest in our area with you through sports-based and cordial trips out.

On the Village de la Guyonnière campsite, you will not get bored! Activities for the entire family abound almost everywhere over the campsite. Once your stay has ended, there is even a risk of your children not wanting to leave their friends from the mini club…
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