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A setting favourable to protecting the environment

A campsite which respects nature

Since being established more than twenty years or so ago, our Village de la Guyonnière campsite and our teams, have always been keen on respecting the environment. Our actions thus fall within an ecological and environmental approach. To the extent that it is possible, our facilities are intended to be as green as possible, and fit into the Lac du Jaunay landscape without distorting it.

All of our plots were laid out around pre-existing fields, where even hedges, bushes, lakes and other vegetation have remained intact By adapting to the present natural environment, we have succeeded in keeping the charm of this former farm, whilst offering our holidaymakers one of the most delightful settings…
The Camping Village de la Guyonnière campsite has received awards for its ecological contribution FOR AN ECO RESPONSIBLE HOLIDAY
We guarantee that we use renewable energy across the campsite. Likewise, we are keen to reduce our consumption of water and energy. Through the various facilities present around the campsite, or by giving your leftovers to the animals at the Camping Village de la Guyonnière campsite, you will have a chance to contribute to the reduction of waste production. In our constant determination for progress, we are committed to continuous improvement of the local environment. In brief, we are committed to a better future, respect for others and the environment!
A campsite
in harmony
with nature
In practice, our ecological determination can be seen by means of our various facilities and actions taken every day. The installation of an eco fountain, on the campsite, enables our holidaymakers to limit their waste production!
The protection of our environment in practice
Camping_La_Guyonnière_Vendée_eco_responsable_eko_tri Camping_La_Guyonnière_Vendée_activites_animations_ferme_chevres_famille
Camping_La_Guyonnière_Vendée_eco_responsable_nature Camping_La_Guyonnière_Vendée_restauration_services_eco_fontaine
Equipped with a reusable bottle of water, which is 100% biodegradable, you will have the opportunity to come and get fresh supplies of water, as many times as you like, for a minimum price (15 cents per litre). In this eco fountain, water is filtered 3 times before being able to be used, which makes for high-quality water. You can choose either still water or sparkling water. A 100% biodegradable natural product is also available from this fountain.
We are counting upon your cooperation! We are counting upon your cooperation! We are counting upon your cooperation!
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Upon their arrival, each employee receives an environmental guide within which they find the right habits to adopt as well as the steps to put into practice on our Vendée campsite, so as reduce our environmental impact. By favouring renewable energies and limiting our energy consumption, by optimising our water consumption, by using natural and non-polluting cleaning agents, and by redirecting our sewerage towards natural lagoons, we offer you a setting for your stay, which respects the environment.
The eco fountain works using a QR Code, which can be purchased at the grocery. You will then be able top up this code with the amount of your choice (for example €10).

• Turn off the heating when you open the windows of your holiday rental
• Remember to turn off the lights when leaving
• Check that the tap is correctly turned off after each use
• ONLY throw toilet paper in the toilet
• Selectively sort your waste (thanks to the different containers available to you)
• Use the FONTEKO machine for fresh water in 100% biodegradable bottles, and for 100% natural cleaning agents.
Actions which are next to nothing that do good and cost nothing SMALL EVERYDAY ACTIONS
Our action amounts to very little without your daily involvement. In sorting your waste, by using the Fonteko equipment and by reusing your food waste for compost or feeding the animals of the Camping Village de la Guyonnière campsite, you will greatly contribute to making our campsite a location that respects the environment. Through our displays, or by participating in our activities and entertainment for awareness-raising for the protection of the environment, you will be taking the first step in environmental action. Keeping up to date is to already take action!

Do not wait to consult our ECO notebook to become aware of the right habits to implement on a daily basis. We are counting upon you and your contribution, to continue to make our campsite a location favourable to ecological action.
It is essential for us to involve youngsters in our approach, so that they become aware of the significance of preserving the environment from a very young age. At the Camping Village de la Guyonnière campsite, our youngest holidaymakers experience the delight of being able to feed our farm animals with their food leftovers, or even going to fill their 100% biodegradable water bottle. Small acts which enable them to take a first step in protecting the environment. In a play-based way and without even realising it, your children are able to familiarise themselves with good environmental practices.
All of these good practices will take you very little time and will not impact directly on your holiday. Nevertheless, they will have a considerable impact on our environment.

You must not forget that protecting the environment is everyone’s destiny. It is in viewing the situation from a global perspective that we are succeeding in reducing our impact upon the environment. By small actions on a daily basis, everyone is able to take part in a major global action. Thus, both we and the environment are counting upon you and your cooperation!
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